Our Program Horses (silent equine counselors)

Our Namesake, Hope

Hope: An 18 y/o Buckskin mare. A true Diva; and our Namesake. She’s intelligent, intuitive, and fun to hang with. One of the first to reach out and “connect” with a child.

Rita: An 18 y/o Bay Appendix mare (Quarter horse/Thoroughbred mix). Loves kids and is often referred to as our “Babysitter.”

Mr. Oats: a 30 y/o liver chestnut, standardbred gelding. Very patient and tolerant. He’s just “a good ole’ boy.”

Mikey: A 17 y/o Bay, Arabian/Mountain Pleasure/ Quarter horse gelding. Always willing to do whatever is asked and a perfect “gentle”man.

Charlie: A 21 y/o Haflinger gelding. Goofy, loving, and easy-going. Will do anything you ask. Loves to pull a cart and doesn’t mind hard work.

Glory: An 8 y/o Thoroughbred mare (OTTB). Tall and timid. But, don’t let her size in’timid’ate you; She’s as sweet as can be. And has a heart-like marking on her forehead to prove it.